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All downloads are free of charge

GaterWare Software Development Manual
This information is also available on this website.
                                                             Download SDK Manual.doc

DataGater class library  v. 0.82058
        (required for development and distribution)
        After unzipping the file, click on Setup.exe to install
        and register the DLLs on your system.   
        The DataGater DLLs will be placed in a
        "\Program Files\DataGater\" folder.

        Note - if you have installed an earler version of DataGater
        be sure to uninstall it before installing the current one.
                                                            Download DataGater.DLL

DataGater API               
        A full listing of all classes, properties and methods.
                                                            Download Object Model.xls

VB6 Code Sample
        A Sample program written in VB6 for you to study.
        (It is currently being re-written and will be posted to this site soon.
                                                            [Download VB6]

VB.NET Code Sample
A Sample program written in VB.NET for you to study.
        Feel free to cut and paste code into your own programs.
                                                            Download VB.Net
                                                           Download VB.NET 

App Registration Form
        An App needs to be registered before it can begin
        to make money for you through DataGater.
        Fill out this form, attach it to an email and send it to us.

        The form will tell us who you are, how to contact
        you, the name and version of your app, the rates
        your customers are to be charged, and the name
        the account and address to send your checks to.

        We will send you an email confirming the details
        of your registration, issue you a Vendor registration
        number, and provide you with instructions on what code
        you need to insert into your app to enable payment.
                                                           Download Registration.doc