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Covered by U.S. Patent #7,272,582, DataGater, LLC

A new way to sell Data -- as GaterData
And a way to sell Apps -- as GaterWare


GaterData . . . for vending data

  • Got data that people could use?
  • Want a simple way to make money from it?
  • Want a smoother way to offer a "freemium" plan?

GaterData lets you set up your own self-serve, micro-metered billing data service.  In a four simple steps you 1) download our free GaterBase® repository component, 2) pack your data into it, 3) set the rate card  4) tell us where to send the checks. That's it.  The rest is done on the systems of your customers and DataGater. You just wait for the money to come in. 

Customers are given access to the whole data store in locked form. They select the data they want and put in their order over the internet. We send a packet of keys directly to their GaterBase® that unlocks the data they ordered. We send you their payment.

We charge you nothing to get set up. We make nothing until you do.

Here is more about it

Our data-vending service is still in Beta. It is fully functional - but works better for some kinds of data-vending than others.  We are currently working on expanding its flexibility. Tell us what you need, and we will put it to work for you. Contact us at


GaterWare . . . for monetizing appsGaterWare logo

  • Ever wish you got paid every time your app got used?
  • Ever wish you could develop products faster?
  • Ever wish for a simple way to make money from customers who are reluctant to commit to a subscription or pay up-front for a permanent license?

Your life will be easier:  Radically reduce development time. Distribute your app as freeware.  Let it go viral. Reach many more customers. And you will keep getting paid for as long as they keep using your app.

You will also make your customer's life easier. They can acquire your app for free and put it on as many machines as they want. They can collect their data, review and edit it, too -- all for free. They don't pay anything until they want to analyze it. And then they pay a once-per-project fee that is based on the size and type of data they are about to process.

Check it out -  Find out what kinds of apps can be GaterWare®
Explore it - Review and try out an example of a GaterWare® app
Learn about it-  Read through the Developer's Manual
Make an app  - Download sample code to paste into your own app to enable it as GaterWare®.
Roll it out - Register your GaterWare® app with DataGater® and start getting paid every time people use it.

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