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DataGater(r) was created by consumer psychologist and independent software developer, Dr. Langbourne Rust, who realized that the market mechanisms for distributing software were not doing a good job of serving the smaller, independent developers or of serving the huge numbers of potential customers in the long tails of their markets.

The software ecosystem is stacked against the little guys.

Each of the dominant systems (Cloud-based Saas, Shrink-wrap licensing and Free or Open-Source) has one or more serious deficiencies:

     Problems for customers ...

- The upfront capital commitment required for subscriptions 
    to SaaS or for purchases of pre-packaged apps.
- Delayed gratification - between payment and value received.
- Uncertain return - in an unpredictable world.
- Feeling short-changed by Lite versions.
- Being confused by overlapping features in tiered versions.
- Feeling gypped by being chained to one-seat installations.
- Inconvenienced and frustrated by complex registrations.
- Distrust of suppliers: seeing them as enemy, not partner.

     Problems for developers ...

- Revenue loss to pirates, hackers and cheats
- Development time and costs of protection measures
- Liability costs of holding client data
- Inaccessiblity of the long-tail: the insecure, infrequent,
    hesitant or beginning consumer
- Revenue leakage from Trial Ware
- Revenue inadequacy of ShareWare
- Need for additional revenue sources after a sale is made
   (which encourages shallow, quick apps with short-term
    sales appeal, but not long-term, sustaining value)

While most of these problems had been recognized by the industry, and patchwork measures have been taken to deal with one or another of them, no one appeared to have been able to deal with all of them efficiently.

A new solution - Gating data for appsGaterWare logo

Dr. Rust figured out a simple way for app vendors to distribute their software for free without worrying about piracy, give consumer access to full-featured apps and bill them only when they were sure of the value they'd be getting - at a rate that reflected how big their project was - while never exposing customer data to the risks of third-party possession. At its core was a brand new kind of data repository.

He was awarded a U.S. Patent for the invention.

The first application to use it is the Researchers FieldKit (r),a do-it-yourself platform for conducting computer-assisted interviews, various forms of media testing, focus groups and ethnographic research.

A GaterWare SDK, or Software Development Kit,  for adapting apps built on the .NET Framework, is being readied for distribution to other developers. The kit and all supporting materials will be free of charge. Please email us if you would be interested in trying it out.

Gating data-access: a solution for data vending.

DataGating makes the distribution and charging for data very easy to implement - especially for under-resourced vendors, or for anyone hoping to monetize data from small-scale, irregular consumers of data.

Once a vendor puts their data into our repository structure(which we provide for free), gives us their rate card and tells us where to send the revenue, all they need to do is give people access to that data ... by download or in the cloud ... and wait for the money to start flowing in.  All data-selection, delivery and payment operations are managed by the consumer's own system and the DataGater service.

DataGater empowers little guys.