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Who is GaterWare® for?
Developers who want to ...

Reach long-tail markets

It is especially well suited to reaching customers shut out by high purchase or subscription prices.

 Speed time to market

  •  No anti-piracy, seat limiting measures are required.
        (“Steal this software, please!”)

  • No trial-ware, cripple-ware or other loss-lead editions are needed

  • No Lite versions are called for. GaterWare apps can be full-featured, fully-capable programs.

  • As soon as the code works, you are ready to register with DataGater and launch it into the market.

 Create niche products

With other marketing channels, niche markets seldom pay off.  If there are only 10,000 people in the world who might conceivably use your app, it is going to be hard to earn back the investment you made in developing it.  But with GaterWare you get paid not by the number of people who install your code, but by how frequently they use it and by how much data they work on.  So a niche product that has real, lasting value to users can be a very profitable app for you – even if the installed base is small. 

 Capitalize on viral marketing

With the right kind of app, your users can become your salespersons. . Especially if they belong to communities that share information and help with each other,  WOM (word-of-mouse) can be an incredibly powerful marketing channel.  GaterWare apps present no obstacles to acquiring, installing and beginning use.  They are, to use Seth Godin’s term, as “smooth” as an app can be.  And smoothness, he says, is pivotal to viral marketing success.  If your app is the first of its kind on a user’s system,  it will be the one they use.  And nothing is easier to get onto a system than a GaterWare app.

 Support themselves

Do you want to keep your independence?  Do you want to maintain ownership of your intellectual property?  Do you want your apps to support you with a continuing revenue flow?  If you issue them as GaterWare you may be able to do so.

 Let clients hold on to their data

GaterWare applications can  operate in a hermetically sealed environment on a client's own system.  Data and processing operations never need to leave the customers’ computers.  (They can also be set up to work from a server or in the cloud, of course)  The only time a connection to the internet is required is for the key-purchase event: typically once per project, and typically lasting a minute or less.

 Avoid data-loss liability.

If your app keeps all data local then you avoid the potentially devastating liability of losing or corrupting client data on yours or some 3rd party system..  With client-based GaterWare, the survival of their data is their responsibility, and it is always readable.

 Increase revenue from existing products

In the short run, issuing a GaterWare edition of an existing app, alongside your current version, will increase revenue in two ways. 

  1. Get brand new customers - You will now get revenue from all those people who have been turned away by your current price barrier. And

  2. Earn more from current customers  Because now that the GaterWare edition is reaching the marginal user, you can move up the  price you charge your the heaviest, committed users who already know the value your app provides.

In the long run, you will build revenue by building your brand’s franchise. And many of those who start of with GaterWare version will evolve into heavy users and will, in time, switch over to an unlimited-use plan.