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What kinds of apps can be GaterWare®

Currently – the GaterBase(tm)  repository manages data in a tabular form - as numerical, text, join-field or Boolean values within a record by field (row by column) structure. So it is an easy fit for ...

- Data-collection: for text, categorical or numerical data
- Data processing: for analytics or reporting
- Data management platforms: for both collection and analysis
- Data vending: Customers get the full data set for free and pay only for the parts they want.

In the future - The DataGater method will be implemented for other types of digital data ...

- Media
- Graphics
- Design
- etc

Currently – with our pay-once-per-project version, apps that fit one or more of the following may find GaterWare® especially useful ….

  • Where analysis comes after data acquisition. There already is a natural gating point in such applications.

  • Where project sizes vary. Less-valuable projects cost less than more valuable ones.

  • Where the app is used much less frequently by some clients than by others. GaterWare® billing can reflect user-value much more fairly.

  • Where your David app is going up against an established, high-priced Goliath. Coming in with a full-powered, freely-installed app can knock it down to size.

  • Where customers want their data to remain hidden from the outside world.

  • If you or your clients need to monitor usage frequency and volume


In the future – with the pre-paid version currently in development, even more kinds of apps will be compatible

  • Those with incremental data acquisition and processing

  • Where companies want to be able to put a limit on charges

  • Where customers that need to go from acquisition to processing without an internet connection (as in a boat or airplane or 3rd-world country)

  • Where customers want to avoid any 3rd-party knowledge that any project had been done at all, how big the project was, or what fee was paid.

What platforms is it for?

Currently - Windows.  The GaterWare repository is built on a .NET platform, compatible with current and recent Visual Studio languages (like VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET), and it has COM interface for use in VB6 .

In the future - It will be available on other operating systems and be accessible through more languages.


What verticals can GaterWare® serve?

The list grows every time you think about it, but here are some industries for whom apps using the current version of DataGater could provide unique benefits ...

Schools - Teachers, supervisors, coaches, administrators
Higher Education  - Students, professors, administrators
Market Research - Surveys, focus groups, copy- and product tests
Public Opinion - Polling, ad testing
Scientific research - Social, behavioral, anthropological, biological
Journalism - Surveys, analytics, layout, internet
Government - Reports, analyses, paperwork
NGO's, non-profits - Supervision, review, reporting, administration)
Small business services - Inventory, CRM, performance reviews

Architecture and city planning
Accounting and bookkeeping
Financial services
Management consulting
Media production
Professional sports
Data vendors
Advertising and marketing

And those thousands of unserved niches which only a lot of independent developers can conceive of (and will create for, if they have a market mechanism that will give them a revenue stream to make it worthwhile)