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Vending Data with GaterData

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How to vend data ...

1. Pack your data into a GaterBase® repository
        (which you can download for free).
        Use our standard import modules to parse
            the source tables for you,
        Or create your own.

2. Register it with DataGater, LLC.
        Set a rate card
        Tell us where to send your money

3. Distribute it. Give it away for free.
        Let each customer download it
                or put it in the cloud
                or access it on your site.
        Give them analysis and reporting tools
                using our free modules
                or create your own.

4. Start checking your bank balance.
        Each customer selects what they want.
        We handle payments and reports.
        You get paid whenever they buy.

How customers buy data ...

1. Go to a locked GaterBase®

2. Search for the records and fields they need,
        Using free-search and indexer variables.
        Request a price quote for the selected data.
        Pay a fee based on the type and amount of data.

3. Make purchase
        With a credit card.      
        A unique packet of keys gets sent to their data repository.
        The PAID data fields permit unrestricted access.

5. PAID data are permanently available for ..
        Reporting, and
        Export to 3rd-party tools

Vending data made easy

All that is required of a vendor is to configure their data repository and make it available to the customers. Everything else (Data-selection, price-setting, usage-metering, payments and data-release) gets managed by the customer and the DataGater® service.