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The GaterWare SDK

The GaterWare Software Development Kit includes
        A Developer's Manual
        A Setup program for installing the DataGater object libraries
        Sample VB.NET code
        A Developer Registration Form

They are all contained in a .ZIP file, available for download here.

The Developer's Manual can be read online, too.  It covers the following topics:

Who can use DataGater?
What kinds of apps is it for?
How it works
How to set up different kinds of apps
Programming for VB6
Programming for .NET
App design issues
Registering an App


Getting Started

Put DataGater® on your system ...

Download the DataGater DLL GaterWare® SDK Setup Program (it is free), or insert the Installation CD and run Setup.exe.

It will create  a “\DataGater\” folder in your “\Program Files\” directory containing these files: “DataGaterCommon.dll, DataGaterCommon.tlb, and DataGaterBlocks.dll” – which it will register in your Windows registry.

It will also create a “\GaterWare SDK\” folder on your main drive, with a copy of this SDK Developers Manual, Registration materials, and sample code for VB.NET

The GaterWare® SDK setup program will check your system for the required .NET framework and install it if necessary.

The sample programs include the needed references to the DataGater® class libraries in your programming language, but when you begin creating a new application, be sure to set a reference to them in your IDE.


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