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Register a GaterWare® App

To register an app, download the Application Registration Form, fill it out and return it as an email attachment to

It asks you for the following

Contact information
            Name, mailing address, email and telephone number
Payment information
            Name to make check out to
            Address to mail it to
App information
            1. The app's Name.
            2. An ID number for it
            3. Its Version number
Rate card - Tell us the fees to charge users of this app:
            Transaction fee (a)          $ ###.00 per transaction
            Per-Field fee (b)              $ 0.##### per field with data
            Per-Character fee (b,c)    $ 0.##### per text-field character

When you have sent us this information, we will reply with a message confirming the details, issue you a GaterWareVendor ID, and give instructions on where to embed this information in your code so that your customers' payments will be property processed and reported.

DataGater Charges

See the Fees And Charges page for current DataGater rates.


(a) The Total Transaction Fee  includes DataGater's $0.90 transaction fee.  If you set it at $5.00, your portion will be $4.10.

(b) Per-Field and Field-Length fees are charged only for stored values which have not previously been paid for, and which are not in an indexer field.

(c) There is one byte per character in a text field.  So if you set a rate 1/100 of a cent per string-field-byte, then the Byte-fee for a string field that is 100 characters long would be 1 cent .