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Freemium Plans

The DataGater data-vending service makes it easy to deploy "freemium" services -- where a certain amount of data are provided for free, and additional data get charged for.

Two mechanisms in the DataGater repositories provide this kind of service.

1. Access to records

The data repository manages access to the records within it.
It contains a governor that allows access to a set number of records in a set period of time.

Examples could be "5 free records per month" or "No free records ever" or "20 free records in a year"

If a customer reaches the access limit set by the vendor, they are informed that payment will be required for subsequent records.

Unlike conventional freemium data services,  when users exceed their "free" data quotas, they are not bumped up into a monthy or yearly subscription plan - they just pay for the specific data they want.

2.  Indexer/free fields

The data repository can be configured to have "indexer" fields whose data values can always be accessed at any rate, and never need to be paid for. 

Examples could be a time-stamp variable, a geographic location code, a name field or an account-type field.

Indexer fields allow customers to do rapid searches and sorts though the larger dataset to identify the subsets they want to purchase - without having first to pay for the data in those search-fields.

They can also be used to give freemium access to one set of data variables while requiring payment for others.