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GaterWare® Payments and Charges

You set your own rate card when you register an app with DataGater.
The rate card determines the fees your customers pay for each order.
DataGater deducts its charges from the customer payments and credits you the balance.

DataGater Charges
For each order, DataGater charges the vendor $0.90 (90  cents)
             plus 9% of the customer's bill.
             Credit card charges are covered by the DataGater fee.
     A detailed statement of accounts will be issued to all
             app vendors once per month.
    Payments to App vendors are made once per month,
             provided the balance due is greater than $10.00.
             Balances under $10.00 are carried forward to the
             next month.

Vendor Rate Card for GaterData

Set the fees to charge customers, using the following variables ...
         Transaction fee (a)          $  per order (minimum 0.90)
         Per-Field fee (b)              $  per field with data (min. 0)
         Field length fee (b,c)       $  per text-field character (min. 0)

You can update an app's rate card at any time by contacting us at .

(a) The Transaction Fee may not be set lower than $.90 (the amount of DataGater's transaction charge).

(b) Per-Field and Field-Length fees are charged only for stored values which have not previously been paid for, and which are not in an indexer field.

(c) There is one byte per character in a text field.  So if you set a rate 1/100 of a cent per string-field-byte, then the Byte-fee for a string field that is 100 characters long would be 1 cent.

All prices are in US dollars.