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Customer Experience with GaterWare®

A user story . . .

    (with a downloaded app)

1. Finds the world's coolest app and downloads it
        The full-powered, full-featured software
        For free

2. Installs it
 Set it up
        No registration, no codes
        No fee


3. Uses it
        Acquires data, cleans and edits it
        Still no fee

4. Pays a gating fee
        Through the DataGater service
        A one-time fee, based on project size
        Data are empowered for aggregation

5. Completes the project
        Processes the data, does analytics, issues report
        Declared a genius


A web app example

Just the same, except the user accesses the cool app over web and the data are held in the user's own data locker in the cloud.
1. Finds the app,
2. Sets up a data locker,
3. Acquires data,
4. Pays to empower the data,
5. Completes the project and gets called a genius.